Saturday, 12 July 2008

Gerard @ Kiss Fm Feat Apex in the MIX 07/07/2008

Marky & Makoto 'Impulse' (Innerground)
Atlantic Connection 'Touch This Ft. Kemst' (Westbay)
Lenzman 'Emeralds' (CDR)
Redeyes & Deeizm 'Luv & Haight' (Spearhead)
Akira ft Deeizm 'Going Down' (Spearhead)
Adele 'Hometown' High Contrast Remix (XL)
Utah Jazz 'Cloud Nine' (Liquid V)
Furney 'Jahmann' (V)
Mutt ft. Mensah 'Just Met' (Horizons)
Bassface Sascha 'Inside Your Soul' (CDR)
DKay & Concept 'Electrifyin' (Brigand)
Split Second 'Tequila Sunset' (Liqweed Ganja)

* * * 2nd Hour * * *

[Guest Mix - Apex]

Apex - Nowhere To Run (Lifted)
Apex - Hench (Lifted)
Apex - Entrapment (Lifted)
Noisia - Dipodocus (Quarantine)
Spor - Stop It (Lifted)
Apex - Emo Funk (Cyanide)
Misanthrop - Viper Fish [Vip] (Subtitles)
Apex - Locked On (Critical)
Apex feat. Ayah - Space Between (Hospital)
Apex - Breathe (Cyanide)
Apex - The Yearning [Vip] (Horizons)
Apex - By The Way (Horizons)
Apex – In Motion - (Lifted)
Apex - Same Old Blues (Lifted)
[End of Mix]

Danny Byrd 'Shock Out VIP' (Hospital)
Roni Size 'Funky Monkey' (CDR)
Clipz ft. Shiv 'Loud & Dirty' (Audio Zoo)


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