Friday, 22 August 2008

X-NO-ARCHIVE presents Alien Rave - Aug 08

-T-Phonic "Into the future"
-EZ Rollers "Soundclash"
-Danny Byrd "Supersized"
-Winx "Dont laugh"
-Moving Fusion "Symbols"
-Syncopix "Soul secure"
-Brookes Brothers "F-Zero"
-Jazz Thieves "Shaken not stired"
-Mr. L "Enter night"
-Lomax "Metal flange"
-Instra:mental "Pacific heights"
-L Plus "Middle east sun"
-Minotaur "Worlds beyond"
-Spy & Mosus "Mercury tears"
-? "?"
-Mr. L "Basics"
-Fresh "Golddust"
-Shimon "Faster honey"
-Shock One "The calling"
-Mr. L "Voices in my dreams"
-Baron "Turn up the sun"
-Serial Killaz "Killa clash"
-Lynx & Kemo "Skylines"
-Roni Size "26 Bass"
-Phetsta "Virtual reality"
-Re:bound "Voice activated"
-Apex "Same old blues"
-Randomer "Autonomy"
-Subfocus "Timewarp"
-Mr. L "Come here"
-? "?"
-Shimon & Sparefunk "The smoker"
-? "?"
-? "?"
-Justice "?"
-Tantrum Desire "Xenomorph"
-? "?"


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