Friday, 25 April 2008

Nerm & D-Code @ BBC - In New DJs We Trust, 25-04-2008

Boom Boom Satelites – Easy Action [London Elektricity Remix] (Third Ear)

Metrik – Moving On (White)
Todd Edwards – Shut The Door [Logistics Remix] (White)

Hive – Neo [Remix] (Violence)
Konflikt - Messiah [Noisia Remix] (Renegade Hardware)
Alix Perez & Lynx – Alleigence (Soul:R)

Ges-e and Shandy - Dil Se (Nasha Records)
Weird Science - Danny Byrd (Hospital)
Inside Info – The Verge (White)

Subfocus – Join The Dots (Ram)
Camo & Krooked – See Through You (White)
Calibre – Alone In The Crowd (Signature)

Telemetrik – Station Seven (Black Sun Empire)
Notion – Past Over (White)
Culprete & Dexcell – Broke (White)

V.I.V.E.K – Natural Mystic (White)
Sharmaji – Break Your Heart (White)
Benga – The Cut (Tempa)


Foreign Beggars 21 Minute To Know
Fb vs noisia – Split the atom (Vision Recordings)
Fb vs noisia - Soul purge (Vision/Dented Records)
Fb - Alix Perez - Colder Days Reprise (White)
Fb vs noisia - Tungsten Thug Step Live (Vision/Dented Records)
Foreign Beggars ft OhNo- Slow Broiled Ilk – Dented Records

Collie Buddz - Come Around [Sigma remix] (White)
Subterra & Lean – The Calling (White)
Logistics – Daybreak Sequence (Hospital)

Silent Source & D-Code vs Sizzla – Babylon (White)
Lynx & Malibu Rhodes – Envy (White)
Spor – As Dust Falls (Subtitles)

Atlantic Connection - Depth Charge ft. Mind One (Westbay)

D-Code – Little Miss Nicky (Dubplate)
Deepz - Desolate Landscapes (Dubplate)
Specific – Tell Me (White)
D-Code & Chan1 – The Rebirth (Shiva Soundsystem)

Funcinternational - Vande Mataram (Music Today)


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