Monday, 21 July 2008

Playstation 3 Clan\Group

A lad from the forum i post at has made a group and forum for ps3 owners that play online instead of trying to explain myself i'll just quote from his about page

"Welcome to Frag Unit - a gathering of PSN gamers. We're not a hardcore "clan" or "guild", but rather offer a more casual online gaming experience. The basic ideals behind Frag Unit is quite simple... we all add each other to our PSN friends lists and game on. This way when we fire up our PS3's our friends list will be riddled with like-minded gamers and people playing our favorite online games.

I don't know about you guys - but I'm sick of having so many peeps on my friends list who I have absolutely no clue how they got there, lol. I have created a forum for us, as well, this way we can easily hop on and say "going to hit up some COD4 tonite!" and BLAM - now you've got friends logging online to play with you.

Everyone interested current games like Resistance, Warhawk, and COD4 to upcoming games like Resistance 2, Little Big Planet and Killzone 2 - feel free to create a user name on our forum!

We're here for FUN. Not trash-talking or noob-facing it all over the intarweb. Let's make this a fun tight-knit community to enhance our online experience! Thanks ahead of time for the add!

How to Join:

1) Apply online in our FORUM . Be sure to use your PSN name as your forum name - it makes it easier to see who is saying what online.

2) Send a friend invite via PSN with "FRAG UNIT" in the message body to: Ninja-Matic

3) Once your forum app has been approved - you may logon to upload your avatar and complete your custom profile. You may also wish to list the games you have and a little bit about yourself in the Members Area of the site forums .

IMPORTANT: In order to keep the amount of SPAM on our forums down - I will only activiate the profiles which send me a friend invite through PSN, as well. Don't worry if you don't get approved right away - I'll get to everyone's apps within 24 hours!"

You can sign up here

And heres the frount page

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