Friday 7 August 2009

Gein - Bad Chemistry Sessions Podcast 1 - 02/08/09

*Bad Chemistry Intro*
Counterstrike and Kathrsys - "Into Illusion" (Counterstrike Recordings)
Nanotek - "Behemoth" (Tech Itch Recordings)
Counterstrike and Nanotek - "The Blackness" (Counterstrike Recordings)
Kemal - "Hostile" (LOD VIP) (Never Ever Ever Will Be Released)
GEIN - "Bad Chemistry" (Bad Chemistry Recordings)
Spktrm and Darkcube - "Untitled" (Bad Chemistry Recordings)
Ewun and Demo - "Tek Jam" (???)
Limewax - "Everything" (Tech Itch VIP) (Tech Freaks Recordings)
GEIN - "Telepathy" (Current Value Rmx) (Habit Recordings)
GEIN and Nanotek - "The Master" (Guerilla Recordings)
GEIN and The Chosen - "Obey" (Bad Chemistry Recordings)
Kathrsys - "Guidance" (Sinuous Recordings)
Spl and Eye-D - "Another Realm" (Lost Soul Recordings)
GEIN and Mayhem - "Ghetto Dope" (Human Imprint)
Spl - "Angels" (Lost Soul Recordings)
Silent Killer feat. Breaker - "Supremecy Bleeds" (Counterstrike Duo Mash Up) (Ohm Resistance)
Counterstrike and Thought - "Floodgate" (Counterstrike Recordings)
Spl - "Crushed" (Audio Rmx) (Habit Recordings)
GEIN and Tech Itch feat. Mc Jakes - "Killsound" (Bad Chemistry Recordings)
GEIN feat. Biolysis - "Fear" (Bad Chemistry Recordings)
*Last One*
GEIN, Silent Killer and Breaker - "6 Feet" (Human Imprint)


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