Monday, 26 May 2008

Fabio 1Xtra Feat DJ HAZARD in the studio RONI SIZE Recorded Live @ Detonate 25/05/08

Zero-T - Why Would You? (CIA)
Funky Technicians - Sad, Sat & Lonely (Advanced Recordings)
Red Eyes - Cruise Ship (Bingo)

R1 & 1Xtra D& B Chart No.1
G-Dub - Forever / Beast (Ganja)

Hazard In The Studio
Hazard - Machete (Playaz)
Hazard In The Studio
LTJ Bukem - Atlantis (Good Lookin)
Hazard In The Studio
TC - Driver (D-Style)
Hazard In The Studio
Hazard - Trouble Maker (Playaz)

Random Movement, Mix Master Doc, Focus - My Sentiments (Innerground)

D&B On The BBC - Chosen by D:Code
Terravita - Project Mayhem 7 (Technique)

Fabio's Spring/ Summer Collection!
Calibre - Back To Reality (Signature)
Shy FX - Feelings (Digital Soundboy)

Roni Size Interview - Backstage at Detonate
Mutated Formz - Mindless (Digitally Mutated)

Roni Size - Recorded Live In The Mix At Detonate 08


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