Monday, 26 May 2008


Randall tracklist
Kaotic Chemistry-Drum Trip 2-Moving Shadow
MC Uproar-Bad Boy-White
Nasty Habits-Here Come The Drums-Reinforced
Outrage-Acid Drop-J Tek
Manix-Hardcore Junglism-Reinforced
DJ B and EZM-Shockin To The Break Of Dawn-Industrial Noize
Rufige Cru-Menace-Reinforced
Lennie D Ice-We Are IE remix
4 Hero-time To Get Ill-Reinforced
>>>Dragonfly-Visions Of Rage
Kaotic Chemistry-Drum Trip-Moving Shadow
Nick O.D.-Jazzy Hardcore-Reinforced
Doc Scott-N.H.S. (Disco Mix)-Reinforced
The Charm-De Men Tation-Bass Overdose
Dj Mayhem-M Power-Basement
Kaotic Chemistry-Space Cakes (2 Bad Mice Remix)-Moving Shadow
Dragonfly-Visions Of Rage-BTB

Randall Download

Outrage and Modular + MC`s Double + Robbie Dee

Digital + MC Moose

Secret Society + AST

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