Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Gerard @ Kiss Feat Andy c interview and Technicolour in the Mix 02/06/08

Survival ‘Colours’ (Horizons)
Lenzmann ‘Emeralds’ (Dub)
Unknown ‘Greater’ (White)
Roni Size & DJ Die ‘Music Box’ Sigma Remix (Full Cycle)

[Andy C interview]

Atlantic Connection ‘Danger Zone ft Lynx’ (Westbay)
Break ‘Destiny Comes Ringing’ (Commercial Suicide)
Clipz ‘Loud & Dirty’ (Audio Zoo)

[Guest Mix - Technicolour Mix]

M.I.S.T 'Outer Space' (Soul:R)
Spectrasoul 'Alibi' (Critical)
Alix Perez, Icicle & Switch 'This Is How' (Shogun Audio)
D-Kay 'Serenade' (Brigand)
Robert Owens 'Bright (Danny C mix)' (Musyka)
Vice Versa 'Still Doin' It' (Good Looking Records)
Zyon Base 'Simple Man' (SGN:LTD)
Zero T & Mosus 'Call Waiting (Feat. Steo)' (Liquid V)
Basic Unit 'Heavy Roller' (Frontline)
Concept & Shnek 'Watertheme' (Invaderz Transmissions)
Logistics 'Inside My Soul' (Hospital)
Robot Redford 'Deus Ex Machina' (Dub)
Drumsound & Simon 'Bassline' Smith 'Teardrop (Technicolour remix)' (Technique Dub)
Technicolour 'Eleven' (Technique Dub)
Sam Sparro 'Black & Gold (Komatic remix)' (Dub)
[End of Mix]

Apex ‘Same Old Blues’ (Lifted)
TC ‘Where’s My Money’ Casper Remix (D Style)
DJ Marky & Makoto ‘Impulse’ (Innerground)
Danny Byrd ‘Shock Out VIP’ (Hospital)
Mickey Finn ‘What’ (Finn S)
D Ramirez ‘With Me Or Against Me’ TC Remix (Toolroom)


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