Wednesday, 7 January 2009

ENVOYS EVOLUTION - Special New Year Show @ Latvian Drum&Bass Community Radio-31.12.08

1.Gancher - Angel Of The Light Mastered [Filthy Sanchez]
2.Miss Redflower - Here To Fly (Misha Remix) [Trust In Music]
3.Corrupt Souls - Sentinel [Disturbed]
4.Phace & Chook - Frozen [Full Force]
5.The Upbeats & Noisia - Creep Out [Non Vogue]
6.Vicious Circle - Access All Areas [Critical]
7.Stu & C4C , Subsonik & Fourward - Stalker [Sudden Def]
8.Inside Info feat. Ruth S - Perfect Crime (Subsonik remix) [Subsonik Sound]
9.Noisia - Diplodocus [Quarantine]
10.Misha feat. Miss Redflower - Stay With Me [Trust In Music]
11.Ben Sage feat. Essence - Be With Me (Subsenix remix) [Sudden Def]
12.Jaydan feat. Dread Mc - Hustlerz And Dealerz [Propaganda]
13.Awaking State - Out There (Subsonik Remix) [Sudden Def]
14.The Upbeats - Tear Down [Ganja Tek]
15.Prolix - The Fury [Ganja Tek]
16.The Passive Resistance - Stuck (Uman Remix) [Cymbalism]
17.Hedj - Freedom & Fear [Assimilate]
18.Bastard & Demonologist - Monotone [Mindsaw dub]
19.Gancher - Paranoia [Melting Pot]
20.SFS - Defeat Kill [N.S.S.]
21.Envoys Evolution - Regative VIP [Culture Assault dub](VINYL)
22.Ruin & Gancher - Inveneto [dub]
23.Temper D - Techno Prisoners (Cooh remix) [Temper D Productions]
24.Dead Phantoms - Dark Earth (Gancher remix) [dub]
25.SFS - Penza [Dark Asylum dub]
26.Envoys Evolution - This Is Problem [Monstersound]
27.Envoys Evolution - War [dub]
28.Temper D & High Rankin - Attack Of The Hairy Manwoman [Temper D Productions]
29.Gancher - Headhunters [Ammunition]
30.Vengeanze & Cooh - Infected [Habit]
31.Suicide - Proex Must Die [Mindsaw dub]
32.Lucio De Rimanez - To Be A Robot [dub]
33.Counterstrike - Rise [Prospect]
34.Vengeanze & Cooh - Love Control [Habit]
35.SFS - Amenizm [Dark Asylum dub]
36.OTM - The Master [dub]
37.Gancher - Bad Mad Cat [Filthy Sanchez]
38.Counterstrike - Meltdown [Prospect]
39.Scamp - Torture Room [Mindsaw]
40.Scor P & Envoys Evolution - Bloody Weekend [FoulPlay dub]
41.Envoys Evolution - I Dont [dub]
42.Envoys Evolution - Murder [dub]
43.Kryteria - Strangers [Ammunition]
44.With Prison Cell Was Embraced* - What Are You Talk!? [dub]
45.Suicide - We Hunt You [Mindsaw dub]
46.Hedj - Grim Reaper [Mindsaw]
47.With Prison Cell Was Embraced* - Underlight [dub]
48.Synthetic Violence - Destroying The Heaven [dub]
49.Throttler - I Hit Back [Mindsaw]
50.With Prison Cell Was Embraced* - Touch Your Fear [dub]
51.Dead Phantoms - End Of Darkness (Synthetic Violence VIP) [dub]
52.Envoys Evolution - Out [dub]
53.Miss Redflower - Immobilizer [Mindsaw]


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