Friday 16 January 2009

Liam Tallon (Co-running Breed12inches) - The Studio Session Mix

Utopia - Fast Forward (Dub)
Absolute Zero - The Code (SKC RMX) (HWARE04)
Mindscape - No Escape (Noisia RMX) (CITRUSLP002)
BSE & State of Mind - Animal (BSE009)
Apex - Entrapment (LFTD006)
Redco - Epidemic (Dub)
Gridlok - Wake up (P51UKLP001)
VC - Welcome to Shanktown (HWARE02)
--> BC - The Pulse (PRO001UK)
Katharsys - The Scraper (BRD001)
Noisia & Upbeats - Creep out (NONVOGUE002)
State of Mind - Deadzone (SOM001)
Lifted Crew - Levitate (LFTD003)
--> Spor - Silver Spaceman (Dub)
Phace - Cold Champagne (NSGNL001)
Apex - In Motion (LFTD004)
Utopia - Force of Mind (Dub)
Ewun - Screw up (LFTD001)
Noisia - Stigma (VSN007)
Receptor - Rhyno (BRD002)
Lifted Crew - Dirge (LFTD003)
Spor - Some Other Funk (Dub)
Evol Intent - Middle of The Night (EILP001)
Faith In Chaos - Possession (Kemal and Rob Data RMX) (OUTB011EP)


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