Thursday, 1 October 2009

Fusion & Mage - Spectrum Show - 26/09/09

Sugar Rush Beat Company – Love Breed [Danny Byrd remix]
Calvin Harris – Ready for the Weekend [High Contrast remix] (Sony)
Zarif – California [Danny Byrd remix] (Full English Records)
Danny Byrd – Feet Won’t Touch the Ground (Supersized LP – Hospital)
Redeyes – Float in Time (Separate Ways EP
Drumlinezz – Evening Klouds (CD-R)
Ross D – Try (Liquid Crystals LP – Liquid Brilliants)
Dan Habarnam – Zoom Back Camera (Santorin)

**Mage Guest Mix **
Agent X feat. Mutya & Ultra - Fallin (Matrix & Futurebound Mix) (Viper)
Mage - Summer Love (Reanix Remix) (Kill Inc Drum & Bass) [dub]
Minoan - Custom Soldierz (Trust In Music)
The Statesmen - U-Turn (Subsonik Sound) [dub]
Phat Playaz - The Song (Good Looking) [dub]
Phat Playaz & Mage - Way In Space (Unsigned) [dub]
m25 & Subsid - Rio (Mage Summer Remix) (Kill Inc Drum & Bass) [dub]
Mikal - Just Disappears (Pristine)
**Mix Ends**

Circa – Future Funk (CD-R)
Dans – For Me (Liquid Crystals LP – Liquid Brilliants)
Loz Contreras – Soul 77 (CD-R)
Zebedee – Fabulous Killer (CD-R)
Digital & Outrage – Hero (Red Letter LP – Function Records : mp3 release only)
P Money – Everything [BCee remix] (Intrinsic Recordings)
BCee – Mr Bidigan feat. Jo-S (Spearhead)
Amaning & Stunna – Generation Gap (CD-R)
Zero T – Walk Away feat. Steo (C.I.A. Recordings)
Instra:mental vs dBridge – Transluscent (Sepia Tones EP – Darkestral)


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