Thursday 1 October 2009

Gremlinz - CCDNB 12 - 2009/09

Producer showcase mix #3 featuring GREMLINZ

Canadian Heavyweight Gremlinz goes into the mix with an onslaught of his own dub heavy breakbeat sound.
Featuring collaborations with Stranjah, Renegade Hardware's Loxy and remix duties for Atlantic Connection.

Gremlinz and Stranjah - De Sollel (Dub)
Gremlinz and Loxy - The Grouch (Dub)
Gremlinz and Stranjah - Ruins VIP (Vampire)
Gremlinz - Her (Vampire)
Gremlinz and Loxy - Silver Steez (Cylon)
Gremlinz and Stranjah - Voices (Xtinction Agenda)
Gremlinz - Kilo VIP (Renegade Hardware)
Gremlinz - Sometimes I Get Depressed (Outsider)
Gremlinz - Weird (Dub)
Gremlinz - Klash VIP (Dub)
Atlanic Connection - Soul Musiq (Gremlinz Remix) (West Bay)
Gremlinz and Stranjah - 5/4 tune (Dub)


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