Sunday, 4 May 2008

Fabio @ Radio1 Feat Pendulum in the Mix!! 04/05/2008

Hazard – ‘Killers’ (Playaz)
Mokoto – ‘Distance’ (Human Elements)
Conflict – ‘Messiah’ (Vampire Records)
Mistabishi – ‘No Matter What’ (Hospital)

Spacehopper – ‘BC’ (White Label)
Pendulum – ‘Midnight Runner’ (Warner)
Dylan – ‘Polluted Soul’ (Outbreak Records)
Hazzard – ‘Machette’ (Playaz)
Cause 4 Concern – ‘Vapor Space’ (Metro)
Pedulum – ‘9000 Miles’ (Warners)

Podcast Preview
Mute and Mako – ‘Connexion’ (White Label)

D&B on the BBC – Mistajam’s pick
Visionary feat Camp Souljah – ‘Change’ (VIP)

Calibre – ‘Back Again’ (Signature Records)
Lomax – ‘Fragile State’ (White Label)


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