Sunday, 11 May 2008

Format - Next Level Show @ 95BFM - 10/05/2008

  1. Calibre feat. Lariman - Overeaction [SIGNATURE]
  2. Atlantic Connection - True Love [PRESTIGE]
  3. Lynx & Nu:Tone - East To West [BRAND NU]
  4. The Insiders - ???
  5. ?
  6. Calibre - Leave Me [SIGNATURE]
  7. Random Movement - The Things We Do [INNERGROUND]
  8. Marcus Intalex & ST Files - How You Make Me Feel [31 RECORDS]
  9. Alix Perez - Crooklyn [SOUL:R]
  10. Naibu - Nami Island [CELSIUS]
  11. Calibre - Beat Goes On [SIGNATURE]
  12. Teebee - ???
  13. Survival - Forget Tomorrow [LUCKY DEVIL]
  14. Zero Tolerance & Survival feat. Steo - No More [DISPATCH]
  15. D-Bridge - Simplest Thing [EXIT]
  16. Johny L - Troble [???]
  17. Dillinja - Friday [???]
  18. ?
  19. Calibre - Tv On [SIGNATURE]



  1. dear darkstranger

    hello i've been trying to do the link business...looks like it may be working but just taking some time to update, ie the new bits in my layout but not on the page when you view this normal?????

    i'll try and mp3 a tape of a dnb mix that kickin were going to put out in 96/97, only the distrobutors thought that it nwas 'too deep' and so it got shelved...bummer...but will get back to you with that one..where do you store all the mixes, i've been using sendspace for a couple of bits i did in the past but unless you pay for them to keep them online they seem to dissapear from the site fairly soonish......

    and whats the deal with the ads? do you make any money from them? maybe i could get some ads up for some stuff maybe?

    hoping you're well


  2. Hello again! ...About the links, if you add a page element then choose a link list from the layout options then they show up better they usualy update straight away as long as you save them

    I normaly use megaupload to upload stuff to as they seem to hold the files for ages, i think as long as the files get downloaded often they will keep them hosted, theres also where you just upload to them and
    they upload it to rapidshare, megaupload etc etc i havnt used it but im pretty sure its free.

    As for the ads mine arnt making hardly anything on here, but it goes up as more people visit & you can use the same account an put them on other blogs an sites i think you need a few thousand visitors to make anything noticeable tho, some of the affiliate schemes might be worth a look at but iv not tried any myself